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Restorative dentistry

We are using only state-of-the art materials from Japan and Germany to make our full-ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays. Our dental technicians are checking precision and marginal fit of every restoration under the microscope. The chose of the restoration depends on the amount of healthy tooth structure remaining. If the tooth is severely destroyed (caries or secondary caries under the existing restoration), it is recommended to make a ceramic inlay or onlay rather than a filling. A ceramic inlay is done in two steps: first – removal of an old restoration and caries lesion around it, impression taking to fabricate a new inlay in the lab; second – final inlay cementation with a composite cement. Unlike traditional fillings, ceramic inlays have a higher strength and a better marginal adaptation long term, which prevents teeth from secondary caries lesions. Besides ceramic inlays do not wear with time as much as composite and support the occlusal height (vertical dimension of a bite).
Vladislav Rudakov
General dentist